The Path Isn’t Always a Straight Line

​It is funny where life can lead you, almost always to a place you did not expect. Maybe this is because we are too busy trying to be what the world wants us to be instead of listening to our hearts and letting it lead the way. In my quest for health and vitality I have had the pleasure of working with healers and namely one psychic who very directly told me this week that my purpose in life was to write.
Interesting how in the past year so much has changed in a radical way that has lead me to starting a blog ( about my path to healing from an “incurable” disease. While this isn’t the type of writing she was talking about, it was one step in the direction of my supposed life purpose. I would be naive to not at least try to listen to her advice and see how my soul responds. I had always meant to transfer the information on my other site to this one, yet never ended up following through. Maybe it was just meant to be that this site be reserved for the purpose of writing. Specifically on the interactions between people and the sharing of energy.

So I decided today to follow both my healers advice/homework. D’arcy had told me last session(1 month ago) to go to a coffee shop, have a drink and without any distractions – book, cell phone or otherwise – sit with myself and see how I felt. I was having a particularly gloomy day, feeling sorry for myself. It was raining, although I love the sound of waking up to rain drops I couldn’t help but feel this loneliness inside of me. So as I had some spare time before an appointment I brought myself into the nearest Starbucks and ordered a favourite – a soy green tea latte with no sweetner – and sat myself down.

I was surprised to find I felt quite peaceful. Enjoying my latte, and looking out into the coffee shop and noticing the way people interacted (as my other healer – Kristel – suggested is apart of my life’s purpose). I saw how the majority of the younger generations had some sort of technology to keep them busy, laptops, music, or cell phones. The shop was quiet yet there were no open spots left to sit. Quite interesting really.. only one table of two 40 something women sat keeping eye contact with no technology nearby to distract them from the moment.
I felt as if for some reason everyone was trying to connect via technology, no one wanted to be “alone” and keeping plugged in was there way of avoiding this loneliness. Yet in turn I think this contributed to it. I then saw a first date encounter, the guy had graciously bought this new(tinder date?) acquaintance a skinny vanilla latte and as she arrived she put her hand out to shake. He then went in for a hug(you go guy!) for a more relaxed and warm approach. I couldn’t quite over hear what they ended up talking about but I do hope they ended up connecting and enjoying each other’s company.

Soon after I had taken all this in, I had quickly finished my latte, realizing that I had ordered a tall yet had received a grande. Funny how I just noticed this as I was drinking the last of the latte. You can miss a lot when your mind wanders. It all depends where your focus is.

Anyways, that’s my story of the day! Universe if you are listening, reading, or whatever you do I hope I have somehow struck some part of my purpose in my life. Slowly making my way to the path of health, enlightenment and peace.


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