Waves of Heartaches

Waking this morning and into the afternoon. In and out of sleep, I feel as if my arm is outstretched from my bed -reaching for something beyond reach. I feel through my dazed dreams a release taking place, something I can’t quite put my finger on. I wake up after noon to the sound of rain, a sadness looming over me. Unsure of this feeling I start my day, I read over my Facebook to find a long post from a suffering friend. I feel her heartache and worry, there isn’t much I can do but hope she receives the help she so desperately is calling for. My phone rings with more news of heartbreak and confusion, I feel it as I call my other friend to console her. There is no answer and I leave a voicemail that almost brings me to tears. I feel the weight of the world today, the heart hurts and the suffering. I knew something was off as soon as I woke up and through all the messages I have received today, it is very clear that my friends are in pain. I have no doubt been through my own struggles and suffering as of late but that all seems to be at the wayside as the waves of pains from others come crashing in. I am here my friends…I am here.

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