A Yoga Practice with Intention

When you come to your yoga practice, usually there is an intention behind it. There is energy, as you ignite the idea or thought in your mind – to choose to come to your practice. For me it first started when I wanted to build strength & relax my overly tense body. I had recently started to experience muscle spasms and had lost enough weight to put me in the underweight category. The most frequent thought that went through my mind during my practice was that I wanted to feel strong. I wanted to not feel like my body was not failing me, that I had control – it was only up to me to take it.

The more I practiced, the more I realized yoga was so much more than about the physical. Rehabbing my health meant an all around inner journey of healing. I had began meditating around this time as well and the more I practiced these rituals of stillness; the more I began to release myself from the sadness of looking into my past. I became one in the moment with my body and breath to help let go of my anxious feelings about the future. By connecting through an internal focus, with my body and mind – I soon began to feel connected with my spirit.

So whatever your intention for coming to your practice is, know that it has all the potential to grow and expand your consciousness. In can open up your body and allow the flow of energy that surrounds you to be felt, this helps you to realize the true power you have within yourself.

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