I Am. Happy!

A few days have passed since I Am. yet the glow from the festival still permeates into my week.

I arrived at sun down to be greeted with open arms from Keith and Tracy. Not sure of what to expect, walking up to them with my open heart.

Friends were made easily as I sat around the campfire for the first night of the festival. The cloudy night reflected my vision, my clarity, with a feeling of anticipation for a new experience.

I awoke Saturday morning, with my only expectation being: to go with the flow. Allowing myself to be guided where I needed to be. Rest & restore. I made my way around to the vendors, being greeted with their smiles and offerings. Crystals, Jewellery, Reiki, and even Raw Vegan Crackers!

This festival had it all. Good vibes and good times. The night followed and the skies were clear like my clarity. Transfixed by the glow of the moon, I was lead down this path by fate.

This festival was created to connect. Not only for the individual through nature, mindfulness, and yoga but for everyone as a whole. With each other we shared our experience, in whatever shape it came. With open arms, open hearts, and open wings we soared at the festival, the music carrying us through the wind.

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