Dawn & Daylight

In the quiet of dawn, I pause to reflect.

The light in me sees the light in you, yet it is ever changing & abundant.

Like a rabbit going down the rabbit hole, in a daze, bouncing around in the dark…
Where you end up? No ones quite knows for sure.

The universe – expansive & unpredictable. Only you can decide your fate. Through the choices you make.

4 thoughts on “Dawn & Daylight

  1. Hello Tasha++
    Feel honored to be writing you right now after watching all your YouTube videos on SR’s..! Thank you Sooooo much for sharing your detailed experiences. I’m learning and preparing for this journey…seems to be one of the most immense and sacred things we can do for ourselves, besides loving ourselves I suppose:)
    Well, the visions you get during your journeys are remarkable.. is it this way for most everyone? I have so many questions, but one I really want to ask from your video of a friend who removed entities… Isn’t it important to have this process done prior to S.R.?
    I relate much of what you felt in life on many topics.. even sensitivity to detergent, … And infact I’m a twin too:) But we’re opposites:/ haha.
    Very happy with myself too for taking time to get life sorted out like you’ve done.. simular paths. So thank you beautiful, You’re a Huge inspiration🌟


    1. Hi there J Nielsen!

      Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your thoughts with me! I apologize for the late reply but… time moves pretty fast I suppose. I hope your soul journeying has gone well! I would say that everyone’s experience for a soul retrieval process would be different. Removing entities is important and was something that was addressed in my S.R. and afterwards with a different healer. It is definitely important to create space for your soul to return especially if there is an entity residing in the body that is not your own.

      Thanks again for your comment, I hope you have been well on your path and journey through life these past few months! Take care, Tash


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