Testimonial: Chelsea Marble 8/9/2017

In the beginning of my healing journey I was struggling with what to eat, and how to go about with making my own healing plan. Tasha Konkin has been a big part in helping me find my natural healing path for Interstitial Cystitis. She obtains a broad knowledge of herbs and how they help the body. Tasha is also one of the best I’ve seen with emotional healing. She has taught me so much with learning to listen to my body and giving it all the nutrients and love it needs to heal. She has been very supportive and understanding when I have come to her with concerns of being impatient about the healing process and if it is working or not. She has helped many people get out of everyday pain and encourage them to strive towards being pain-free. She would be beneficial to any company looking for a person who loves to help spread her natural healing strategies and how to emotionally heal the body.